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No one makes an easier star kit system then EpiXsky, the leader in fiber optic star technology. For the do it yourselfers, these kits are the ultimate answer. Use one kit, or all four to create your perfect night sky!

Star Kit
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EpiXsky’s TWILIGHT Star Kit creates your perfect night sky with the best LED technology available in digital star lighting. Featuring 8 eye mesmerizing programs from a subtle twinkle to a scintillating strobe.

Kaleidoscope Kit
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EpiXsky’s Kaleidoscope Star Kit is the newest technology in digital star lighting. Featuring multiple color programs with our exclusive shimmering iridescent white. You now have the power to control and create your ideal vision of a night sky.

Shooting Star Kit
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EpiXsky’s Shooting Star Kit creates exciting night sky effects with innovative digital star LED technology. Available in white light or full color models with an optional RS232 controller for unlimited control.

Firework Kit
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EpiXsky’s Firework Burst Kit is our most exciting new kit for visual drama. Featuring a colorful lighting burst effect with random colors. Make every night like the fourth of July!

EpiXsky has many special effects and home theater decor that can enhance your home theater. From a glowing Epic Moon, cove lighting and downlights as well as Epic Portals.